Terms and Conditions

  • You can purchase the Cineville gift voucher directly through the Cineville gift shopand you will receive the gift voucher, including a unique code, via email after the purchase.

  • The Cineville gift voucher can be used once to purchase a Cineville Pass.

  • Each gift voucher entitles you to a Cineville Pass with a specified term, which is stated on the voucher and in the order confirmation. The Cineville Pass purchased with the gift voucher automatically ends after this term. The running time cannot be interrupted.

  • The Cineville gift voucher can only be used to purchase a Cineville Pass. The Cineville gift voucher is no legal tender and therefore cannot be exchanged for cash, other products/services, or used for overdue payments on existing memberships.

  • The Cineville gift voucher is not equivalent to a Cineville Pass and does not grant access to the affiliated movie theaters unless it is exchanged online for a Cineville Pass.

  • The Cineville gift voucher remains valid for 2 years from the date of purchase; after this period, redemption is not possible. The purchase date mentioned in the order confirmation applies.

  • If you wish to cancel the purchase of a Cineville gift voucher within 14 days (unless already exchanged for a Cineville Pass), send an email with the original confirmation containing the unique code to service@cinevillepass.be. Keep in mind that once the voucher has been exchanged for a Pass, the purchase cannot be revoked.